imagine.GO and Deft Research have worked together to co-author a study on the value of retail health insurance stores in the eyes of healthcare consumers. The study can be purchased from imagine.GO or Deft for $5000.

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Data for this study was collected from 18 to 64 year-old respondents in the Individual Market for health insurance. The respondents mirror the national population in racial, income, gender, ages, and other demographic classifications.

Our study specifically explores:

  • The retail consumer experience through year one of the ACA.
  • Retail design concepts that are most favorable to ACA health plans.
  • Retail location concepts that are most favorable to insurance buyers.
  • Benchmarks related to the decision-making, design, build, and operations of a store.

The Purpose of Retail Health Insurance Stores

01 Retail Study - Store Count

Bottom line, retail health insurance stores serve a purpose and are well-regarded by the shoppers that use them. The value of retail health insurance stores lies in their inherent ability to create meaningful connections with both members and prospects. There is also high satisfaction with the levels of personal assistance shoppers receive from employers, agents, and other sources within the stores. They hold promise for health insurance buyers who have yet to make a purchase on the Exchange. However, retail is far from perfect. Our study looks at the driving factors for customer experience, satisfaction, and value creation within a retail insurance store.

02 Retail Study - 1 in 4


Our conclusion is that future success of retail insurance stores will depend on the following:

  • Getting the store location model right for the geographies and insurance markets plans serve.
  • Ensuring the intentions and objectives of the store are aligned with “retail” consumer’s needs.
  • Creating realistic ROI projections based on meaningful and appropriate measurement of store performance.
  • Defining store usage for sales, service, payments, and other Key Activities of the insurance business model.

We will be sure and write more about these specific success factors over the coming year.

Contact for details on how to purchase the study, or to get details on any of our comprehensive retail health insurance consulting service, such as:

  • Determine if you have a retail market: do “Retail Buyers” exist in your market and where are they clustered.
  • Develop your retail footprint: do “Retail Buyers” cluster near your stores and where you should build.
  • Assess if your company is “Retail Ready”: can your current operations can successfully build/operate stores.
  • Build your retail stores: can you construct the right store design and operating model for your markets.

imagine.GO is a healthcare-focused product design and innovation consultancy based out of Jacksonville, FL. imagine.GO is the creator of modelH – a methodology for rapidly creating healthcare business models.

Deft Research is the healthcare industry’s trusted source of relevant market and consumer information. Deft’s research and guidance has supported over 85 of the nation’s leading healthcare enterprises in making more confident business plans and decisions.