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Can you define the building blocks that enable your business model to repeatedly deliver expected outcomes? Can you define who pays for your product, who influences its purchase, and who uses it? Do you know who compels and who distracts consumers from your products?

imagine.GO believes a good healthcare business model is comprised of a few consistent things, and can be clearly explained in a simple diagram. Your business model must take into account its relevance within the entire healthcare ecosystem, knowing that only some of it is in your control. Your products stem from a true understanding of your customer’s value drivers and are presented to them in a manner that speaks to their needs, attitudes, jobs-to-be-done, value position and behaviors.

imagine.GO can help you bring your idea, product, business unit or company to market. The Business Model Design portion of modelH is used for visualizing, assessing and changing the key elements of your business model so that it is clearly and completely understood. It is designed to illustrate the alignment of your business activities, so they produce maximum customer value while highlighting the trade-offs required to make the model work. Our approach is complex enough to evaluate the entire business model, but simple enough for all parts of the archetype to be understood in a single view. It is also fast enough to be implemented in a matter of days, not weeks.

(Business Model Innovation for Healthcare)

How It Works

For imagine.GO, everything starts and ends with modelH.  By being able to communicate your business model in clear, concise, and easy to understand terms, you increase the likelihood of successful value creation. modelH is a business model canvas designed specifically for healthcare. As a strategic management tool, a Business Model Canvas can be utilized to design, describe, challenge, invent, and pivot a business model. A Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template that is widely used for developing new or documenting existing business models through a visual language. It is designed to portray the alignment of business activities that produce value by illustrating potential trade-offs.

We can help you do all of this. Let us work with your consumer, product and marketing teams to define your business model in a visually compelling manner using our proprietary method. Work with us to understand how you fit in the healthcare ecosystem. Let us help you understand what is valuable to your customers, and engineer a business model that delivers value to them consistently.

We can help your company:

  • Design a healthcare business model,
  • Create a Business Model Canvas
  • Architect your value chain, and
  • Generate your business plan.

The modelH canvas creates a common language for describing, visualizing, assessing and changing the key elements of every healthcare business model. It is complex enough to evaluate an entire business model, but simple enough for all parts of the paradigm to be understood.

modelH business model canvas for healthcare

Expanding on Alex Osterwalder’s original 9 building blocks, modelH integrates aspects of Michael Porter’s definition of shared value and Clayton Christianson’s concept of “jobs-to-be-done”. It measures the value of a business model in its feasibility to deliver value, as well as its ability to deliver on the patient health outcome achieved per healthcare dollar spent.

Evaluation of each building block in a business model promotes consideration of the model’s strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, the structured layout of the canvas encourages thoughtful reflection regarding how the individual building blocks fit together. As a strategic management tool, modelH can be utilized to design, describe, challenge, invent, and pivot your healthcare business model.  The 17 building blocks in modelH deal with 4 key business functions.

modelH Business Model Canvas 4 Functions Highlight

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