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How closely aligned are your products’ value proposition to your customer’s needs and wants? Do your product benefits compel a consumer to your value proposition? Do you product messages support the purchase of your products speak to the Value Proposition or to something else?

imagine.GO believes your products’ value proposition must first and foremost align to your ideal customer’s value drivers. You can apply our modelHealthcare Value Proposition Canvas method to create clear linkage between product features, benefits, and value proposition. You can then define how this value is augmented or subtracted through the consumers’ healthcare influencer ecosystem.

(Business Model Innovation for Healthcare)

How It Works

Most products and services are thought of in the terms of the “Benefits” and “Features” they possess. Good business models have to think past this inwardly facing view and instead look to the value they create. The imagine.GO process continues by taking the results of your Customer Discovery to design a Value Proposition with strong Product Market Fit. For healthcare business models, the secret to creating the “best” Value Proposition lies in marrying the collective value derived by all stakeholders in such a way that a virtuous cycle is created. The modelH method uses 3 steps: 1) Establish a Position of Value with Someone Specific, 2) Increase Your Understanding of that Value Position, and 3) Develop Your Product Market Fit Iteratively. 

modelH MVP Canvas Left

We can help you do all of this. Let us work with your product and marketing teams to help them learn why your company needs a defined value proposition for each product and service, and teach them how to develop them quickly.

We can help your company with:

  • Design your Value Positioning (your “EST” strategy),
  • Implementing lean customer development methods,
  • Value proposition canvassing, and
  • Aligning product features and benefits to jobs-to-be-done
modelH Canvas 5 Value Proposition Highlight

Our objective is to build a compelling Value Proposition around your products and services. A Value Proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief by the customer that it will be received. So in order to build a good Value Proposition, we must meet your persona’s value drivers through their jobs-to-be-done – this is called Product Market Fit. To do this, we create a Value Proposition Canvas that aligns your customer’s jobs-to-be-done with your product offering. Once again we employ various observation techniques (called Solution Interviews) to learn directly from them. We ask your customers to help us understand what they think of your solution, if it relieves the “pains” present in their job-to-be-done, and if creates meaningful “gains” along the way.

modelH JTBD Canvas - Value Proposition Highlighted

(Business Model Innovation for Healthcare)

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