(Business Model Innovation for Healthcare)

Our method, modelH, enables companies, large and small, to quickly generate better business models and communicate them across stakeholders. From the Drawing Room to the Boiler Room to the Board Room, we help you create healthcare businesses that thrive. If you aim to thrive, not just survive, in a changing health care landscape, hire imagine.GO

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The Drawing Room (Customer)

Part 1 of our method focuses on defining your business model, your customer, and your value proposition. This step is too often overlooked as companies rush to build products. The push to market cannot bypass the need to understand your customers and how you will serve them. The graveyard of poorly designed health solutions reminds us of this fact. We help you define your model and discover what your customer needs.

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The Boiler Room (Product)

Part 2 of our method lets us design and build your product so that it has “product-market fit”. The only way to get there from here is through iterative value proposition design. Iteration leads to business model pivots. We use minimum viable product (MVP) design to ensure you create the product your customers truly want, need and are willing to pay for. And we get it to market at a fraction of the cost you spend now.

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The Board Room (Market)

Part 3 of our method deals with how to operationalize your  business model. It is not enough to have a great idea, you also need the means to bring that idea to market in a sustainable way. This fact is especially true within a healthcare system, where entrenched practices and inertia breed innovation antibodies. A good Go-to-Market Plan is the difference between marginal success and breakthrough transformation.

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