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How fast can you get your products to market? How do you learn about your customer acceptance, and how much does it cost you? Is your build methodology producing an ROI?

imagine.GO believes your best approach is one that enables product designers to determine whether people want what they are building – in a manner that gauges acceptance and demand – yet preserves capital and time. We will help your company to incorporate lean product development methods like Agile and MVP so you can build both minimally and modularly. We will show you how to prototype your ideas with your ideal customers in controlled market release so you can learn and pivot your design for optimal results.

imagine.GO can help you build your minimum viable product to match your value proposition. The Product Design portion of modelH is used for rapidly prototyping your product offering and validating it with your potential customers. Work with us to re-design your development method so that a product that gets built through a cycle of the build, measure, and learn loop, as fast and smartly as possible. 

(Business Model Innovation for Healthcare)

How It Works

imagine.GO  method uses Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as our product design methodology. By definition, MVP is the version of a product that gets built through one cycle of a build, measure, learn loop – as fast as possible. Once the MVP is confirmed (keep in mind, it may take a few iterations), other lean methodologies can be employed to build upon it.

modelH Minimum Viable Product

We can help you do all of this. Let us work with your consumer, product and marketing teams to learn why your company needs agile product development methods, and how you can best employ them in your market operations. Let us help you design a repeatable and sustainable model for quick market prototyping.

We can help your company:

  • Learn minimum viable design,
  • Implement lean product development methods,
  • Set up a prototyping laboratory/process, and
  • Develop your minimum viable product.

We design products by focusing on 3 key elements: value, use, and speed. This approach enables our designers to determine whether people want what you are building – in a manner that gauges acceptance and demand – yet preserves capital and time. We validate product assumptions for 2 aspects: its value and demand. We focus on designing for customer value – not on documentation of useless feature sets. 

modelH Canvas Customer Value Proposition

Our first objective in designing your product is to understand what your customers think is valuable. In this way, we understand if your product is going to be valued. We start with an assumption about the value-exchange created by your product (derived from both ourmodelH Business Model Canvas and Customer Discovery) and test it thru iteration until it is validated or dropped. Value is defined through the lens of the customer – not what you want for the customer. If no value is confirmed, no product should be built. We then start the development process using the minimum viable features that allow the product to be deployed in a state that creates value, and no more.

Our second objective in designing your product is to make it usable so it will be used. Usable is broader than just usability.  The real test is the usage of the product in the manner you anticipated, not necessarily as a first pass at usability. We do realize that you can’t obtain adoption without usability, so we are also careful not to forsake customer utility for speed and minimum moving parts. Form and function must appear simultaneously – with minimum function allowing for a simpler form.

Our final objective is to employ speed in designing your product. Speed lets us do this quickly and inexpensively. We help you ensure speed to market and successful releases in the critical early lifecycle of your product by only building what is deemed most valuable to the customer through iterative designs.  When we are wrong, you can fail fast (and cheaply). Our approach assumes we will iterate until we design the ideal solution. We start small and add to your product design based on customer need. Once the MVP is confirmed, other lean methodologies like Lean UX can be employed to build it.

modelH Minimum Viable Product Canvas

(Business Model Innovation for Healthcare)

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