Part 2 – The Boiler Room

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Part 2 – The Boiler Room

Part 2 of the modelH method is where we design and build your product so that it has “product-market fit”. The only way to get there from here is through iterative value proposition design. Iteration leads to business model pivots, and this is what we do best. To do this, we teach you the art of minimum viable product. Let us help you get the product your customers truly want, need and are willing to pay for to market efficiently and at a fraction of the cost.

Design Your Minimum Viable Product

modelH MVP Canvas Productimagine.Go combines Customer Discovery with a Minimum Viable Product design to build a solution with strong “product-market fit”.  This approach enables our designers to determine if people want what you are creating – in a manner that gauges acceptance and demand – yet preserves capital and time. We do this by allowing our designers to validate business assumptions about your “product” in two important aspects: its value and demand.  From here, we help you design something that has a clear and compelling value proposition. We start small and add based on customer need. Once the MVP is confirmed, we focus on the Customer Experience.

Perfect Your Customer Experience

modelH MVP Canvas Behavior

At this stage, imagine.Go maintains the iterative process of your product development. If you are not committed to proceeding with other lean methodologies, like Lean UX, after starting with MVP, then you risk losing the “value” your customers helped you discover. You will probably replace it with your vision of what they want – and then all may be for naught. What MVP is to product design – Lean UX is to customer experience. Our process employs design iterations using Lean UX until a stable product that customers both truly want and love to use can be transitioned to your core product development team.

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