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The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation

The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation

By Doug Williams

A note from Kevin Riley: This article was written by Doug Williams, Chief Research Officer at Innovation Excellence, one of the modelH collaborators.

I’m proud to announce the launch of a free eBook entitled, “The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation.” LeAnna J. Carey, Kevin Riley, and I wrote this book to start a broad conversation about the ailing healthcare industry, and how co-creation amongst key stakeholders can lead to its transformation.

The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation Book

This 18-page eBook addresses the following key topics:

  • Why the US healthcare system is unsustainable in its present form,
  • Why solving healthcare’s biggest challenges requires a collaborative approach, and
  • How co-creation helped build the modelH business model canvas for healthcare, and how it can drive innovation within your company.

The eBook contains exclusive IX Research survey data from healthcare professionals that support this perspective and provides a clear view of how co-creation and collaboration amongst key stakeholders can spur innovation in healthcare. The eBook also contains a mini-case study of the modelH business model canvas for healthcare, which highlights the authors’ experiences using the Batterii co-creation platform to develop and validate a tool that itself will hopefully spur the development of innovative business models within healthcare.

The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation Quote

The eBook is a natural extension of the work we’ve been doing to develop modelH, the business model canvas for healthcare. In early 2013, Innovation Excellence, Kevin Riley & Associates, and Batterii created a groundbreaking partnership to develop the modelH canvas over the course of the year. You may have seen our regular modelH updates on these very pages. We finished the co-creative development phase of modelH in December 2013, and we are anxious to continue to test and refine the canvas in 2014, as well as publish more about our findings and the process that led to those findings. But we also realized that there was a bigger story to tell regarding co-creation in healthcare. We wanted to share our experience with co-creation in the context of the bigger opportunity it holds to transform the healthcare industry as a whole, not just in the development of a new tool for generating healthcare business models.

You can obtain your copy of the eBook by clicking on the cover image above or the link below. Also, I’d like to invite you to listen in to our scheduled radio program on January 29 at 3 pm ET, when the authors and executives from Batterii will be discussing the eBook, the modelH experience, and the power of co-creation.

The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation Banner

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To your health,

The Team at imagine.GO


A Look Back at 2013

A Look Back at 2013

2013 was certainly a great year for imagine.GO. We wanted to look back in less than two minutes and point out some of the highlights.

The Thought Life

In 2013, we were busy creating something entirely new. We launched modelH – a new way of thinking about healthcare business models. It creates value across the healthcare ecosystem and maps out a better way to build businesses.We were fortunate to have over 200 thought leaders contribute their thoughts.

look back 2013 - modelH

In 2013,  we also helped write a book on innovation that is due out in 2014 called Innovation Alchemists.

look back 2013 - innovation alchemist

And finally, we did a lot of blogging on innovation in healthcare, with a particular focus on building better healthcare business models. We were honored with an award for my efforts – which was very gratifying. It is good to know there are others passionate about fixing healthcare.

 look back 2013 - blogging award

The Spoken Life

2013 was also a great year to spread the word. We launched on some new social media platforms and was able to meet some new friends.

look back 2013 - social media

For example, one day we were followed by LeBron James – I have no idea why and I certainly do not believe that LBJ handles his own Twitter follows himself – but still – pretty cool right!

On a serious note, throughout 2013 I spoke often on topics like business model design and how to build a startup company. It is a privilege more than a job for me to speak about what I love. I am grateful for the chance to share my thoughts and have real conversions with serious people about the convergence of healthcare and the consumer.

look back 2013 - speaking

The Work Life

2013 was a great year for imagine.GO. In short, we helped some great companies become even better.

We collaborated with large insurance companies to “go retail”. I built some new physical storefronts as well as some virtual ones. And we promoted the customer experience into healthcare and the customer’s perspective into product design.

We also launched a new company of my own – Let’s Do X, or simply LDX. LDX is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and app designed to help healthcare providers and their patients coordinate efficiently in real-time through our proprietary mobile communications model.  More on this idea soon.

look back 2013 - LDX

The Volunteer Life

And finally, 2013 was a great year for helping others.  We mentored several startups and helped launch a few new ideas at various startup accelerators, such as Startup Weekend. It is a privilege to teach and encourage burgeoning entrepreneurs.

 look back 2013 - entrepreneurship

The Good Life

This was a lot to accomplish, and it was only possible through the support of my co-workers and customers. We look forward to even more excitement in 2014. Thank you for making 2013 memorable.

To your health,

The Team at imagine.GO