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Webinar: Finding and Closing Healthcare Customers through Digital Channels

Webinar: Finding and Closing Healthcare Customers through Digital Channels

Health care reform has created millions of new health care shoppers. Many of whom will be visiting your website for the first time. You’ve done the work to support the new health care consumer on your site, but are you converting visitors into shoppers, and shoppers into repeated customers? This webinar will focus on Conversion Optimization (CO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you maximize traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate (CVR).

September 17, 2014
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm EST

*This webinar is part of the Consumer Experience Webinar Series.
Webinars will be held September 17, October 22, October 29 and December 10, all at 3:00 pm ET.

Learning Objectives:

Discover how to implement a smart and consistent SEO strategy to ensure your company shows up where it matters.
Explore how you can launch and test ‘Calls to Action’ during key points in a person’s visit to your website so that you increase the rates at which visitors start the shopping process.
Examine how you can increase the rates at which shoppers complete the process to become customers.


Moderator: Kevin Riley, President, Kevin Riley & Associates

  • Andrew Bennett, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Smartsheet
  • David Chase, Director of Digital Marketing, GuideWell
  • Bill Lan, Head of Industry, Insurance & Services, Google



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