Workshop on Health Consumerism

Workshop on Health Consumerism

Workshop on Health Consumerism

The Journey to Consumerism for a Healthcare Company

I will be speaking at the 4th Annual Medicare Advantage Strategic Business Symposium in San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 4-5 at the Gran Melia Resort where I am conducting a pre-conference workshop entitled “Member Engagement: A Journey to Consumerism for Medicare Health Plans”.

Design for the consumer is often overlooked as companies rush to build capabilities to fill mass-market needs for markets they do not understand. The push for a retail solution cannot bypass the need to understand who your customers are. The graveyard of poorly designed “consumer” health solutions reminds us of this fact.

The Workshop

The workshop will consist of a conceptual part and a practical part.

In the conceptual part of the workshop, we will be learning about the difference between Consumerism versus Retail, which I have written about before. And YES, there is is a difference. We will also look at what a retail market looks like for a Medicare health plan.

In the practical part of the workshop, we will be designing for a great Medicare insurance customer experience. To do this, we will be using the first part of my 3 part Collaborative Business Model Innovation Method For Healthcare. This visual language for healthcare system thinking, problem solving and solution design was designed to enable companies to quickly generate consumer focused business models and test them easily. The method is derived from years of healthcare experience delivering innovative solutions within both large legacy companies and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Healthcare-focused Consumer Personas

In our workshop, we will focus on defining your customer, creating a value proposition, and designing a customer experience.

We will then use some design thinking tools to help craft a value proposition for our exact customer.

And hopefully, if we have time, we will discuss how to then create an experience that will be meaningful for a consumer and result in a purchase decision.

We will start by defining which Medicare customer is the one we are focusing on – because they are definitely not all the same. This requires us to think in terms of their jobs to be done as well as our business needs.

I look forward to seeing you there. Contact me if you are interested in attending.

To your health,

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