Inspirien Claim Process Flow

Inspirien (Coastal Insurance Company) wanted to evaluate their current business model for its market fit and assess potential “pivots” for their suitability to the customer and economic value. Inspirien is the premier provider of risk mitigation products and services to Alabama’s hospitals and physicians. There products include professional, general, excess, and supplemental liability, as well as workers’ compensation insurance.

Inspirien (Coastal Insurance) - Workers Compensation Service Provider
imagine.GO helped Inspirien clarify its business model by leveraging its modelH canvassing techniques. A “lever” is used to describe how a company leverages the building blocks of its canvas to improve profitability and performance in the markets it already serves. imagine.GO used these levers to define the pivots (and their financial models) that CIC might successfully pursue to enter new markets.
We also worked with Inspirien to assess the capabilities needed to support the components of their business model’s, which include Key Activities, Channels, Customer Relationships and Informatics. We evaluated their capabilities as to how effectively they supported the current business model. Then, we defined the best path for modernizing the capabilities to better serve the business model (as well as any potential pivots) with a minimally viable investment.